“It was an agonizing decision for us to place our adult son in someone else’s care.  Even though we knew that we ourselves were no longer able to provide the care he needed, we still had so many questions – Will he be happy there?  Will he be a valued family member? Will he have freedom of choice within a social structure? Will someone watch over him and if he has a cold or a fever?  Will someone be there to compliment him for his achievement and to comfort him when he needs encouragement?  Will he have the opportunity to rise to and beyond expectation?  …many more similar questions tussling for the forefront of attention.  With Heritage House the answers came quickly and reassuringly – yes, yes, Yes, YES, YES!!!  Heritage House more than met our expectations of an ideal setting for residential and day support services.  The staff members are polite, enthusiastic and cooperative.  I can summarize this in one word – Heritage House cares! Collectively, they’re not just doing a job or providing a service — “they’re answering their calling.”

—Mom and Dad


“Our son is autistic, and has been a client at Heritage House since August 2004.He has been very happy there, and well cared for at all times.  The staff is on duty 24- hours per day, and is well qualified to handle any situation that arises.

The Heritage House staff has never given us any reason to regret placing him in their care.  He is taken to church just about every Sunday, and he enthusiastically reports to us each time we visit.  The staff not only cares for him – more important – they love and understand him.  And that means a lot to us as well as to him.  You would have to go a long way to find better care for your loved one than will be given at Heritage House.”

—Mother and Father


“The Heritage House team is always very responsive.  If I need to reach my brother or follow up on business matters, they respond immediately.  They have also gone out of their way in finding the best medical and dental care for their residents, not an easy task in today’s environment.  Equally important they integrate the residents fully with the local by accompanying them on local shopping trips and lunches at favorite restaurants, and by attending Sunday church services.  For the first time in his life, my brother is living the healthy, independent life that he deserves.  As a result, he has become more physically fit, nutritionally-conscious, responsible for self, respectful of others, and more outgoing and engaging overall, 

The state of Virginia is woefully behind other states in providing care for its residents with special needs.  We’re so very grateful that Heritage House has opened its doors to provide a dedicated, professional, and caring staff, and a healthy environment for my brother.   I would recommend Heritage House to anyone considering services for their loved ones.”