Residential Services

Heritage House provides premier Residential services as we support each individual’s efforts to live a life of his or her design. It is our experience that every individual benefits from participation in our supervised, consistent and tailored programming that facilitates personal growth towards independence. Heritage House is committed to excellence and achievement that produces acceptance through the cultivation of the entire community. Join us as we continue to set the pace while reaching for the stars!


Skill Building in all aspects of home living

  • Personal Care
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Homemaking


  • Medical Coordination –Our Medical Care Liaison accompanies each individual to ALL medical appointments
  • Medical Care Liaison consults with each practitioner to ensure that medical recommendations are understood and followed
  • Medication Administration by trained administrators
  • Medication Procurement
  • Falls Risk Assessments
  • Annual Physicals with PCP
  • Annual Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations from PCP



  • Develop and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Social Skills – Conversation Interactions Manners Etiquette Self Advocacy
  • Pen Pals from the local community that encourage interactions outside their typical circles


  • Fully trained staff in CPR and First Aid
  • Criminal Background Investigation
  • Department of Social Services Investigation
  • TOVA – Therapeutic Options of Virginia
  • Positive Behavior Management
  • HH Risk Support and Management Plan


Community Interests

  • Shopping
  • Movies
  • Eating Out
  • Church
  • YMCA
  • Change eating out to dining out
  • Volunteering
  • Museums
  • Bowling
  • Historic Districts
  • National Parks
  • State and County Parks
  • Zoo
  • Sporting events
  • Special Olympics

Money Management

  • Social Security Benefits
  • Medicaid Redeterminations
  • Wages and Earnings
  • Income Taxes
  • Additional Insurances



  • Wood working
  • Scrapbooking
  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Crafting
  • Gardening


  • A fleet of vehicles
  • A passenger van assigned to every residence
  • Designated vehicles for medical and other appointments
  • Safe drivers with records on file